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Aslan Yapı provides excavation and demolition services which can be considered as the most challenging job in construction sector. Our firms provide services in Marmaris region and is here to help you in all your excavation and demolition works.

Excavation and demolition works are considered as the most challenging work in construction sector. In this process, there are certain regulations and laws when the debris is eliminated. Since construction debris can cause risks for people, they need to be properly handled, transported, and eliminated. If there is a problem in any part of the cycle, this can cause a great problem. Aslan Construction considers these three steps and provide demolition and excavation services.

Environmental responsibility is always an important value in construction sector. Especially, when it comes to demolition and excavation. If excavation and debris are not handled properly, environmental problems can occur. Since Marmaris is a tourism area and popular for natural beauties among local and international tourists, excavation and demolition has the utmost importance.

Aslan Yapı acknowledges the beauty and value of Marmaris region. We carefully handle your excavation and demolition work. Protecting the environment is the number one rule to pay attention to in the construction sector. excavation and demolition work in Marmaris region is subjected to Muğla province rules and regulations. Aslan Yapı is sensitive on this subject.

Safety is also another important aspect of excavation and demolition work. The safety of workers and citizens during the demolition of an old building is also important. If we think that tons of debris and concrete have been destroyed, we can better understand the danger created for people.

In Aslan Construction safety is above all other things. Aslan Yapı has taken all kinds of precautions in demolition for the safety of building workers and citizens. In the excavation and demolition services, we can complete the works quickly and safely by using the most advanced demolition tools in the construction sector. 

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Aslan Yapı olarak kurulduğumuz tarihten bu yana her türlü inşaat, müteahhitlik, mühendislik ve mimarlık hizmetlerini sunmak için ilk günkü heyecan ve disiplinle çalışıyoruz.


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