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Aslan Yapı is there for you to prepare your building for summer and winter conditions with facade and insulating applications. Insulating applications protect the buildings from the effects of rain and wind in winter. Protecting the internal structure of your building and preventing concrete from weakening will prolong the life of the building as well as remove physical problems such as water flow and paint blistering. 

The building should be able to ventilate in insulating applications. Proper material selection and proper application will eliminate these problems. When the building is evaluated, customer’s opinions are also considered in the application. Our team will contact the customers at every stage and will help the customers to get the results they want. Coating applications generally use materials such as XPS, EPS, stone wool or foam glass. These materials provide insulation and contributes your energy savings. With exterior façade applications, your building can get a whole new look. Exterior coatings can be made in various materials and in various forms You can completely change the appearance of your building using materials such as natural stones, mosaics, marble, wood. At the same time, heat-insulated exterior coatings will provide both an aesthetic appearance and heat savings. 

In insulating and facade applications, the load to be added to the building should be calculated. The professional and experienced team of Aslan Yapı will offer you the best options considering all the necessary conditions. Workmanship is also very important in these two applications. Since the outside of your building is the first visible area, poor workmanship will lead to non-aesthetic consequences. Best workmanship will be used in Aslan Yapı for façade and insulating works. 

Additionally, thermal insulation work can also be done on the roof. The materials to be used in the façade application on the roof must be water and abrasion resistant. When you choose Aslan Yapı for your insulating and coating work, you can be sure that the best materials are used and the best workmanship is applied. Aslan Yapı continues the success in construction sector.

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