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Lately, urban renewal projects have a high demand. People do not want to take the risk to live in old buildings with earthquake risk, therefore they apply for urban renewal services. Additionally, incentives for urban renewal has increase the demand in this filed significantly.

Another advantage of urban renewal is the renewal of the entire infrastructure of your building. When your infrastructure is renewed, the problems caused by the old installation will greatly reduce. You will have a more relaxed and peaceful life because your renovated building will not create any problems for you. Urban renewal is the retrofitting of old buildings bearing the burden of years with the new regulations. Since new construction technologies and materials are used in urban renewal, your building will be better than the old building.

Urban renewal is not limited to metropolis such as Istanbul. Urban renewal projects are carried out all around Turkey. Marmaris is one of the urban renewal regions. Aslan Yapı is here to renew your old buildings in Marmaris. Marmaris region is one of the areas with an old settlement area and urban renewal is carried out because it carries earthquake risk. In this way, you can get a chance to live in earthquake resistant buildings by renewing old and unstable buildings. 

In these applications, up-to-date technologies and a professional team are the most important conditions. We can renew your home in the context of urban renewal with the comfort of offering you these two conditions as Aslan Yapı. Our team has necessary knowledge in all current regulations and laws and will be there to answer any questions you may have. We also demonstrate our experience in the sector with urban renewal applications. By following all the developments in the construction sector, we are working to provide the best service for our customers.

Urban renewal may seem like a tough process. Professional teams in Aslan Yapı will eliminate the problem for you in the process of urban renewal. If you want to transform your house, work place or hotel, all you need to do is contact Aslan Yapı. 

Since 2015 we are here for your urban renewal projects in Marmaris as Aslan Yapı

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